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Winning Starts With You & Ends With Results!

The Law Office of Tiffanie Wilson,

Providing Legal Services in Florida.

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Serving Clients in Jacksonville and Throughout Florida.

Putting The Power Back In Your Hands For The Justice and Compensation You Deserve!


Who We Are

The Law Office Of Tiffanie Wilson is a boutique firm based in Jacksonville, FL with unique experience available and ready to assist its clients with their legal needs. We believe winning starts with you and ends with results.


Our approach is lawful strategy executed seamlessly to bring justice and compensation where due. With that as the driving force of everything we do, we are dedicated to providing sound legal advice and help to the community on a consistent basis.


Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury & Liability

Motor Vehicle Incidents

Personal Injury Cases

Business & Contract Drafting

Business Formation

Negotiation Review

Premises Liability Cases

Breach Of Contract

Contract Disputes

Your Victory Begins With A Call.

Schedule A Free Consultation or Case Review With An Experienced Attorney.

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Florida Boutique Law Firm

Featured Results We've Achieved For Our Clients...

"It was my first time buying land, so I was in need of contract advice. I contacted Tiffanie to review my purchase agreement and title/deed search. She was able to point out a number of discrepancies that I wasn't aware of. I contacted the seller and they made the corrections to ensure my satisfaction. I am grateful for Tiffanie." 
-N. Harvard

"Attorney Wilson provided excellent services for my company including drafting client contracts and legal documents needed to perform our day-to-day operations. She was very knowledgeable about the services I requested and everything was completed within a timely manner."
- C. Parker, Yung Damez, LLC

"Attorney Wilson assisted me with my contract and helped me understand the information I was given and advised me. She was a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your help."
- S. K. Cox, Jr.

"Attorney Wilson provides a wealth of legal and business contractual intellect. Her broad and unique knowledge base helped me build compliant and efficient processes for my marketing agency, IVLeague Marketing. The advisement she provides empowers me to broker better business deals (ethically and incrementally) thus, I've developed more structural requirements which in return has led to proper compensation for my services."

- Ivy Scott, Founder & CEO, IVLeague Marketing

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Tiffanie Wilson


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Our Process


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